About Free Math Calculator

Free Math Calculator is one of the best free calculators for Windows available on the internet. Its job is to make all your calculations easy by using its great features. The calculator is a good replacement for the built-in Windows calculator. The user interface is very friendly and attractive so that you can work with it easily. A good feature of this app is that you can copy your result to clipboard and also you can paste a number from other text apps here and this makes your work a lot faster because you don’t need to enter long numbers anymore. There is a right direction arrow which opens a page stuck to the calculator and its job is to show you all your calculations. This way you can see what you have been doing since the start. You can undo your actions by pressing the corresponding button. This helps you to avoid making mistakes. There is a print function for printing all your calculations. So it is a very useful feature because you can have your calculations printed on a paper. Another great feature of this app is that it has a series of decimal separation buttons just like a real calculator. So it can show you the decimal part of numbers and this applies for up to 4 digits. Also you can make a number to become a 2-digit number. Some key features of Free Math Calculator are:

  • Very simple and easy to use and a good replacement for Microsoft Windows’ built in calculator
  • Undo function
  • Print function to print a series of calculations
  • Compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows