About Random Name Generator

Free Random Name Generator is one of best random name generators available for desktop use. There are some online generators but you have to try this desktop app to see how complete it is. The name describes it well; it can produce random names based on male, female and common names for both sexualities. If you want to know other countries names or you need some fake names for different purposes then this application is a great choice. It's also entertaining since you can use it to select a name for yourself and use it anywhere on the web like Instant Messaging applications such as Skype, Yahoo, AOL and other apps. There are many supported countries names such as American, English, French, German, Russian and many more. It's a rich name generator application because the number of supported names are from more than 30 different countries. You can select which part of a name you want to be generated: First Name, Last name, Frist and Last Name and First Name, Middle Initial and Last name. Also, you can generate a name based on the country of residence and the phone number from another country. The app is very simple, just select the country and format of name to be generated and press 'Generate Name'. Also you can generate random names by selecting 'All Names Categories'. The Main features of Free Name Generator are:

  • Best Desktop application to generate random names
  • A wide range of random names generation
  • A rich set of countries supported (more than 30 countries)
  • Name generation based on gender: Male, Female and common names
  • Generate names by First Name, Last Name, First and Last Name and more
  • Phone number generation for each name
  • A good choice for entertaining purposes
  • Compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows